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LP Series

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The LP snow blade model is an equipment that has to be applied to the tractor with a catch plate. The blade is equipped with hydraulic adjustable attachments. It is a single aileron and has 2000 -2250 width while the 2500 has two independent ailerons. The small dimensions and the low weight in LP models are ideal for clearing the snow from paths, cycle paths, car parks and in places where a standard snow blade would not work. Equipped with rubber knife and sliding blocks they can work also on cobblestones and self-locking surfaces.

Brands available for the LP series

LP1 1250
LP1 1500
LP1 1750
LP1 2000
LP2 1250
LP2 1500
LP2 1750
LP2 2000
LP2 2250
LP2 2500
LP3 2500
LP3 2750
LP3 3000
LP3 3250
LP3 3500